When it comes to natural health solutions, the Natural Bamboo Vinegar Ginger Powder Foot Pads from Wise Living are a popular choice. But how exactly do you use them? In this post, we'll provide a step-by-step guide based on general instructions and user feedback.

Step 1: Prepare Your Feet
Before applying the foot pads, make sure your feet are clean and dry. This will help the adhesive stick better and ensure maximum absorption of the natural ingredients.

Step 2: Apply the Foot Pads
Peel off the adhesive sheet and place the patch on the bottom middle of your foot/sole. The pads should be applied to the arch of the foot, as this area is known in reflexology as a "reflex zone" that corresponds to different parts of the body.

Step 3: Secure with Socks
To keep the foot pads in place and enhance their effectiveness, it's recommended to wear socks while you sleep.

Step 4: Remove and Discard
After 6-8 hours, remove and discard the foot pads. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to start your day.